Benefits of Opening a Franchise

Why You Should Be Running a Franchise Store What if we told you that we could give you the opportunity to start your own store? For the aspiring business-owner, starting is the hardest part, and at iFixNSell, we know how to help you get off your feet. If you don’t fully understand franchising, that’s okay, … Continue reading Benefits of Opening a Franchise

Galaxy S9 Plus or iPhone 8 Plus

Whether you’re an avid Android user or a dedicated Apple fan, we offer products from both brands, such as the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus and the iPhone 8 Plus. Despite coming from different worlds, these products are packed with fantastic features to give you something happy to spend your money on and glad to take … Continue reading Galaxy S9 Plus or iPhone 8 Plus

Top Five Mobile Vendors

The top five mobile vendors are shown by percentage of their total market share in 2019.

iPhone Touchscreen Repairs

All iPhone models have a capacitive touchscreen. Cap-what you say? Capacitance is how much electricity something is capable of holding. The electricity in one part of the screen is lighting it up. But in another part the of touchscreen electricity is just sitting doing nothing. Since the human body conducts electricity, when it comes in … Continue reading iPhone Touchscreen Repairs