Common iMac Repairs That You Might Need

When the iMac you know and loves start to malfunction, your first response might be panic, especially if you aren’t technologically savvy. In this post, we’ll go over some common repair issues that may help you pinpoint the problem before you take it to an expert. Even if your current iMac computer isn’t necessarily giving you a hard time, it may be a worthwhile read to get an idea of some of the most fundamental problems that your laptop could encounter down the road.

Software Problems

If you notice the programs on your computer performing incorrectly, regularly, you may have a problem with the software or the programming of your computer. You might experience your computer freezing up or locking you out, or maybe your computer and its applications are taking an eternity to start up each time. Often, the underlying cause of these signs and symptoms may be a virus, a frequent culprit of many software issues. If you don’t have anti-virus software to combat these issues, you’re especially in for a bad day.

Hardware Problems

Your computer has many parts and pieces, so it isn’t unlikely a problem with your laptop might lie in one of its components. For example, your internal hard drive, which stores all of your computer’s data, may fail. Hard drive failure can be due to water damage, heat exposure, or only due to wearing down with age. If your hard drive fails, you might not be able to recover your data, making it essential to diagnose this type of issue as soon as possible.

Another grave issue may be a failing motherboard, which connects all hardware – such as the CPU and the RAM – and administrates power and communication exchange between them. Once the motherboard fails, your entire computer might as well be toast.

Lastly, your power supply may be the component at fault. Like hard drives, power supplies don’t last forever, but their inevitable failure can be sped up by power surges due to lightning strikes, general overheating, exposure to dust, etc. Fixing this issue could be as simple as purchasing a new power supply, but you may find that any of the factors mentioned above have also done damage to your charging port as well, which is when you’ll want to put it into the hands of an expert to fix.

Where to Get Repairs

Maybe you have one of the major issues listed above, or perhaps you have a minor problem, like a cracked screen, a faulty cooling fan, a malfunctioning trackpad, or an uncooperative keyboard. No matter what your issue, we at Computers Plus Cellphones can handle it. Our professionals tackle a variety of problems, screen replacements, keyboard replacements, virus removal, hard drive replacements, memory upgrades, data recovery, you name it. We offer an on-the-spot diagnosis and free estimates for the costs of repairs, so bring your iMac or other computer to our location.

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