How About Those Smartphone Prices?

We are still recovering from manufacturing hold-ups from COVID. Consumer demand spiked up just as production of microchips was resuming pre-COVID levels. Most every phone manufacturer is unable to keep up with demand.

Also, chip makers are pushing back by raising prices. Even if things hold steady, prices for chips will stay high for the rest of 2022. As a result, phone makes will not be able to start offering any major discounts on phones and tablets. They will likely make bundle offers with other smart devices, for example.

Now is a good time to consider a used phone as their prices tend to hold steadier even during market shortages. You will want to find a deal that has a large selection of newer models. If you live in Florida, have a look at iFixNSell ( They offer professional iPhone and Samsung repair in addition to their large selection of phones and laptops.

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