iPhone Touchscreen Repairs

All iPhone models have a capacitive touchscreen. Cap-what you say? Capacitance is how much electricity something is capable of holding. The electricity in one part of the screen is lighting it up.

But in another part the of touchscreen electricity is just sitting doing nothing. Since the human body conducts electricity, when it comes in contact with the screen it changes how much electricity can sit there. The phone just figures out where the electric charge is changed by your finger the most so it knows where you tapped.

As shown in the diagram above, there is a liquid crystal display (LCD) at the bottom which shows the picture. On the very top is a hard layer for protection. But everything else in between is for the touchscreen. It’s all transparent so you can see the picture but you’re actually tapping separate touchscreen layers on top of it.

In the past, the LCD and touchscreen layers were more separate. Newer phones are seeing more integration of LCD and touch technology. One reason for that is to make phones even thinner and lighter.

So what about fixing a screen? While you might be able to see your phone screen mostly even when it gets a crack, your touchscreen is much more fragile. When electricity can’t sit evenly, there is no way to figure out where a touch is happening. So it’s pretty much all-or-nothing for a cracked screen: it usually either works ok or it doesn’t.

These days, phones are being made so fast it’s far easier to get a brand new screen then it is to try to fix a broken one; not to mention it may be impossible to fix it %100 in some cases. Once you get a replacement screen, you have to be able to take a phone apart and put it back together with the new part. iPhones in particular are complicated in all aspects.

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