Three Reasons You Should Sell Us Your iPhone

So you have an extra iPhone.  Or maybe you switched to Android.  Or you need cash.  You’ll be much better off selling your iPhone (or iPad or whatever) right here in Orlando, Florida instead of hundreds or thousands of miles away.  Deal with someone face-to-face.  You can call us right now at (407) 990-1061.

Here are three reasons why it’s better to sell your iPhone to a store near you like iFixNSell:

Support Your Local Economy

People sometimes underestimate the power of keeping money close to home.  When you deal with a manufacturer, your phone could leave Florida and go to California.  That phone gets sold and then someone buys a sandwich in California with that money.  Doing business locally keeps wealth circulating in the neighborhood and city where you live.

Deal with a Real Person

There is no substitute for dealing with people face-to-face.  When you look someone in the eye you can tell if they are being honest with you.  Talking is natural and a lot easier than emails back and forth or phone messages back and forth.  It’s nice to interact with do business with human beings instead of vending machines.

Get Cash Fast

There is no comparison: get cash in minutes or get cash in days. iFixNSell has several locations in Orlando to serve you better.  You can even get a quote before you come in on our buy back site.